“Melanie sure puts the ACTIVE in my week. I am 71 and did not like to exercise, no I hated to exercise. Truthfully, I would rather clean the oven or have a root canal before going to the gym.  Since working with Melaniewith diet and exercise I have lost 34 pounds!  I feel better than I have in years.  Melanie makes exercise fun, is very supportive, and challenges you.  She is “Five Stars” in my book.

– Carol, Sugar Land Texas

“While I have only known Melanie a short time, it has been easy getting to know and trust her as a trainer. Each session has been challenging yet rewarding in my overall fitness goals.  The years of experience Melanie has are evident in her training techniques and exercise variety.  The workout sessions continue to keep me motivated and getting stronger each day. 

In addition to the motivational exercises, Melanie is also easy to relate to on a personal level. I find myself sharing my life experiences with her, much as I would a friend.  She is very personable and comforting to talk to. It is obvious that she has many “friends” at the gym as she is always greeted with a smile, which is always returned by Mel. 

I would highly recommend Melanie Lewis as a trainer and motivator for anyone facing the battle to lose weight or otherwise improve their health.”

– Melissa, Houston, TX

“Melanie is a personal fitness trainer at the gym I have been a member of for approximately 2 years.  I’m a veteran of the United States Army and am no stranger to the world of physical fitness.  I can attest to the fact that Melanie has what it takes.  I would not hesitate one bit to train under her leadership if she were running my physical training program.  Melanie demonstrates the leadership abilities that motivate her clients and group students.  She is 110% focused on the prize, which is to insure each and every person she works with attains their desired results.

Give Melanie the job, sit back and watch her go to work!! You will not be disappointed!!!”

– Stephan, Houston, TX

“Melanie is a fantastic trainer.  She has a way of motivating people that I think is rare and that not just anyone can pull off.  First of all Melanie exudes health and fitness.  She is so fit that she just glows.  That in itself makes people want to get healthier.  Her energy is contagious. 

More importantly, she makes a real connection with her clients.  When a trainer makes that kind of connection you just hate to let them down by not reaching your goals.  I can’t count how many times Melanie told me what I was going to next and I thought to myself, “There is no way, I can’t do that!”  Before I knew it there I was achieving the goal that she set for me.  I often amazed myself with some of the things that she got me to do.  I truly did not know how strong I was until she showed me!”

– Kelli, Houston, TX

“With Melanie’s help and support I have lost 10 pounds in just a short period of time. I know that in the next few months to come that number will double or even triple.
You inspire me to be healthy,and to want to live longer, eat right, and push myself when I have just about mind conspired to quit.

– Genieva, Houston, TX

In January 2007, I, like many, embarked on a resolution to lose weight.  I consulted with a trainer that had been recommended to me by friends.  I began the recommended program, but did not feel that I was receiving the mental support and encouragement that I needed.  I soon became discouraged and stopped working out.

Fast forward to January, 2008, and I stared down a familiar path.  I approached a different trainer, and after 15 minutes, I knew that this experience would be different and better.  This is when I met Melanie Lewis.

She began by telling me to set realistic goals and to take baby steps.  I shared with her that I am a cancer survivor and that I could not believe I had allowed myself to gain so much weight. What had I been doing the last 10 years?  She immediately replied, fighting cancer!  From that moment on, I knew that she was the assistance that I needed.

With Melanie’s dedication and assistance, I have lost and kept off 14 pounds in one year and dropped my percentage of body fat by 10%!!! Melanie even helped me to prepare for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure – Houston and ran aside me the whole race.  While I may not have broken any records, I actually for the first time ran the course of the race!

She is, very motivating and creative with my workouts, and has never made me feel like a failure when I can’t do something.  She inspires me to want to stay on track I am never bored, with the creative and variety of ways that she works with me. She devised work out activities for me to do while traveling as well as at home. She stays in contact with me to follow up on how I am doing, and offers words of encouragement.

I am healthier than I have been in 12 years and with Melanie’s assistance know that I will reach my goal of being healthy for life!!

– Jeanie, Houston, TX

Ms. Lewis is an excellent Personal Trainer with a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience that has always allowed her to help her clients achieve even the most aggressive goals.  As a manager, I was confident that I could put the most challenging clients with her and they would experience amazing results.

I have also had the privilege of knowing Ms. Lewis personally and have always found her to be an honest, sincere, and caring person.  She always put the needs of others ahead of her self.  It is these qualities that make Ms. Lewis such a valuable asset to any organization.  Her ability to combine her technical expertise and experience of Personal Training with her passion for fitness and a genuine caring for her clients, friends and family make her the best choice for any one who is looking to change their life for the better.

I would highly recommend Ms. Lewis to anyone wanting the very best in Personal Training.

– Manager

“I started working with Melanie Lewis several months after my second baby was born.  I was discouraged and frustrated that my post pregnancy weight did not magically fall off like it did with my first pregnancy.  Melanie was so encouraging.  She had me complete a total body assessment.  I dreaded every moment. However, Melanie convinced me that I would feel great about my results.  After the assessment was finished she sat me down to review what we had learned. Melanie focused on what I already had going for me and building on my strengths.  I was motivated immediately!  I felt great about being exactly where I was physically and didn’t want to miss a work out. She made me feel great about my flexibility and strength rather than keeping my attention on my high fat ratio. Her encouragement did not stop there.  I had expressed an interest in running but I had never run more than a 5K.  She pushed me towards running a half marathon.  She even offered to train with me.  Without her support and encouragement, I would have never signed up.  Melanie made me believe in myself and challenged me to keep pushing forward.  I finished the half marathon and still continue to run several times a week.  Though Melanie, I was able to see myself as a finisher and an athlete regardless of those last few stubborn pounds. She taught me that I can change my weaknesses by focusing on my strengths. I will be forever grateful to her.

– Hillary, Houston, TX

“Melanie is a dedicated fitness professional.  Melanie LOVES fitness and it is her life.   She has helped hundreds of people and inspired them to live their lives healthily, and with passion.   I have known Melanie now for 8 years.  We competed and trained for the Women’s Tri Fitness event in Las Vegas in 2004 and 2005.  She helped me with my own training and pushed me to excel!  I always ran harder, pushed more weight, and watched my diet better when Melanie was on my side smiling and encouraging!  Please give Melanie a chance to show you what an outstanding trainer she is.

– Liane, Dallas Fire Department

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